Field Trips & Group Tours

SunWatch understands the needs of teachers in our area. Whether you are a public, private, or homeschool educator, the Museum’s programs are designed to provide a high-quality learning experience for students while maintaining the fun, hands-on atmosphere that makes out-of-the-classroom learning so enjoyable. 

Open to all groups of 20 students/participants or more, SunWatch offers unique guided tours. Each tour lasts about 90 minutes with approximately one hour outside in the Village.

Participants should dress appropriately as the weather requires. Groups must schedule at least one month in advance.

Guided Group Tours

Review field trip pricing and policies below, then book your program!


E-mail or call (937) 268–8199 to speak directly to our friendly staff.

Interested in scheduling a trip to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery? Contact Boonshoft Musuem Education Department (937) 275-7431, ext. 125.

Field Trip Fees & Policies

*Please note that the individual scheduling your visit will receive a packet, unless otherwise specified, confirming your reservation approximately one month prior to your visit. Please call immediately if you are unable to keep your scheduled reservation.


Self-Guide Group (10 or more): $5/person
Guided Group Tour (20 or more): $12/person; 1 adult free for every 15 students.

Tour Options

SunWatch Discovery Tour - (Grades 2+) 90 Minutes

Unearth the history of SunWatch Indian Village and learn more about its prehistoric inhabitants, the Fort Ancient people. Program includes an introductory film, a guided trip through the museum, and a tour of the reconstructed village where our skilled interpreters will cater the experience to the age of your group.

Gr1.Hist.2,3 - Gr1.Geog.5,6,6 - Gr1.Econ.13 - Gr2.Hist.3 - Gr2.Geog.6,7,8 - Gr3.Hist.2,3 – Gr3.Geog.5,6,6 -Gr3.Econ.15 – Gr4.Hist.2,3 - Gr4.Geog.9,12 - Gr5.Hist.2,3 - Gr5.Geog.4,7,8,9 Gr5.Econ.16 - Gr7.Hist1 Gr7.Geog.12,13,15 – Gr7.Govt.16

Archaeology Field Class - (Grades 4-8) 2 hours

Students will participate in the archaeological field process, gaining an understanding of how field work is planned and conducted. Students will learn applied geography and mathematic skills to lay out excavation units and survey an area of the site. Using custom excavation pits filled with recreated features and artifacts students will then learn how to map archaeological units, recover and catalog artifacts and finally record and analyze their findings.

There is a limit of 25 participants and the cost is $25 per student. Program Variable based on age and time constraints.

Distance Learning Programs - 60 minutes

Prehistoric People of the Ohio Valley

Explore 10,000 years of Prehistory with this introduction to our regions ancient past. Students will learn about human migration into the Americas, the creation of distinct cultures unique to the Ohio Valley, how those cultures lived and how they shaped our landscape in ways that still persist today.

Gr2.Hist.3 - Gr2.Geog.6,7,8 - Gr3.Hist.2,3 – Gr3.Geog.5,6,6 Gr3.Econ.15 – Gr4.Hist.2,3 - Gr4.Geog.9,12 - Gr5.Hist.2,3 - Gr5.Geog.4,7,8,9 - Gr5.Econ.16 - Gr7.Hist1 - Gr7.Geog.12,13,15 – Gr7.Govt.16

Prehistoric Technology

Learn about the technologies employed by the prehistoric inhabitants of SunWatch Indian Village! Analyze prehistoric materials with our archaeologist to understand invention and change, learn the physics of flint knapping and understand the engineering behind the architecture of SunWatch Indian Village.

SunWatch Discovery Program

Discover SunWatch and the Fort Ancient people who lived here from your own classroom or event space! Our skilled educators will use artifacts, reproduction tools, images, maps and models to bring the experience of visiting SunWatch Indian Village to you.

Gr1.Hist.2,3 - Gr1.Geog.5,6,6 - Gr1.Econ.13 - Gr2.Hist.3 - Gr2.Geog.6,7,8 - Gr3.Hist.2,3 – Gr3.Geog.5,6,6 Gr3.Econ.15 – Gr4.Hist.2,3 - Gr4.Geog.9,12 - Gr5.Hist.2,3 - Gr5.Geog.4,7,8,9 Gr5.Econ.16 - Gr7.Hist1 Gr7.Geog.12

Overnight Experiences

Coming soon!

Lunch Facilities

Groups may bring packed lunches to SunWatch and reserve our eating facilities at no additional charge.

Lunch times MUST BE SCHEDULED prior to your visit. Space is very limited! Groups will not be permitted to eat lunch at the facility unless arrangements are made in advance, and groups are required to clean their lunch area before leaving. Cleaning supplies are provided by the Museum. All groups are subject to a $25 custodial fee for incomplete cleanup. See confirmation letter for details.


All groups are encouraged to take advantage of our PreShopping Souvenirs Program. This is an easy, convenient way for students to make purchases from the SunWatch Museum Store without spending additional time shopping. See confirmation letter for details. Groups with 30 students or less are welcome to shop on-site if the group has pre-scheduled a shopping experience at least one week in advance. Ten students accompanied by two adults are permitted in the store at one time. Each group of ten students requires an addition of 10 minutes to your other scheduled activities. Please remind all shoppers that tax is charged at the register.

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